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The American based Urban Flava Radio Network LLC (doing business as Urban Flava Radio) is your new top choice for all your favorite hot new Urban Music, your Old School Urban favorites, your Urban Gospel Music hits, and much more! Not only do we have the hottest Urban music for you to listen to but of course we also have some of the hottest Urban based Radio Shows for you to tune into as well. 


With the help of our team of dedicated music curators, here at the Urban Flava Radio Network, we are working hard around the clock to ensure you that we provide you with the type of quality music and shows that will keep you from ever wanting to tune in to listen to any other online Radio Network. With the help of our talented Show Host we're also working hard to ensure that you're tuning into shows that you'll learn to enjoy! 


With that being said. Make sure you stay tuned into The Urban Flava Radio Network so that you can catch all of your favorite Urban Music hits along with some Urban based Radio Shows that will Educate, Enlighten, and Empower you as you listen to YOUR URBAN PARTY STATION!

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Our mission here at The Urban Flava Radio Network is quite simple. Our platform is here to ensure that all of our listeners are able to hear all the music that they want to hear without having to deal with all of the politics that goes into traditional radio. Our mission is to also provide an outlet for indie artist to get their music heard. Since our station provides clean music each artist will be subjected to approval before being played. Along with those things that we've just discussed, it is also our mission to provide an opportunity for Small Business owners who don't have major commercial ad campaigns budgets to get an opportunity to get a commercial ad to share their business with our listening audience at an affordable price. Last but not least our biggest mission is to be an impact in our Urban Communities. Working alongside Community Rich, a Washington D.C. based Non Profit Organization, The Urban Flava Radio Network is using its outlet to reach our Urban Communities youth and young adults. Every day we are working deligently to fulfill our missions... and we hope to have your support along the way! 

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Each and every month The Urban Flava Radio Network's Urban Flava Radio wants to take time out to feature an artist that is making moves in the Music Industry independently. Not only will you be able to read about our featured artist here on Who Got Next but you will also be able tune into Urban Flava Radio to hear our featured artist music on our station n our regular rotation. 


It's been a long time coming and If you've followed the career of our Indie Artist of the month (Mr. Water Whippin') Interstate Snake then you would definitely understand why now is definitely his time to shine. Coming from Afghanistan to America probably already presented enough problems in itself... but then add to the mix the fact that this particular Afghani had a desire to want to rap in an industry that's primarily dominated by African Asiatic's, and you'll find yourself adding fuel to an already hot fire. During an interview Interstate Snake once said that one of his biggest obstacles was ensuring that everything that he does is authentic because no matter what your nationality is everybody has to respect good music that's done authentically.  Well judging by his musical catalog there is no denying that Interstate Snake definitely has some bars. Not new to the rap game, Interstate Snake's been putting in work for years. From his humble begins with UNVA to his new single Barcelona, Interstate Snake has been blessing his listeners with bars for quite some time now. Outside of the music, Interstate Snake is also quite the business man. Taking a phrase he coined: "We Out Chea Personally", which is a term that he uses whenever he's on travels and meeting some of his favorite artist up close and in person, he has taken those few words and turned them into an entire brand. With artist such as Cardi B, Jadakiss, Styles P, and many others rocking his brand, Interstate Snake isn't just making moves with his music... he's also making moves with his brand as well.  Make sure you check out Interstate Snake on all media platforms. Trust me... you won't be disappointed.  www.instgram.com/interstatesnake

Here at The Urban Flava Radio Network, we truly  believes that we should celebrate beauty. So each and every month we will be selecting  one beautiful model to feature on our site to share with all of those who take time out to view our site while listening to our station.  Since we support our culture and the beautiful women who are apart of it, here is where you'll find their pictures each and every month.  We want to thank all of the beautiful women who will bless our site in advance for sharing their beauty with us here on our site. 


Ahmya is 24yrs old and resides in Fredricksburg Virginia. She began modeling at the age of 14 but began to truly take modeling seriously when she was in college. Ahmyaa attended VCU for a moment before transferring out to take Business classes elsewhere. Ahmya eventually began doing Home Nursing & Health Care which is currently what she does today. Ahmya eenjoys traveling, she loves fashion, and she also desires to one day be behind the camera.  If  you would like to keep up with what's going on with our beautiful Model Of The Month, or If you would like to work with Ahmya King on a feature project then be sure to follow her on her IG: @paris_banxx1 or on her FB: Ahmya King. 

If you're an Artist or Model who would like to be feature on our site please reach out to us via Social Media or by email down at the bottom of the site. We support our culture and are always looking for people of interest to highlight on our site. We thank you all for all of your support! 



Welcome to Urban Flava, the place where you can get Industry, World, and Local News all while keeping up with what's going on in our Urban Communities


It was August 25th 1998 when Lauryn Hill dropped the hottest album of it's time, The MisEducation Of Lauryn Hill. The Neo Soul sound, mixed with the RNB feel, which was accompanied by the masterful flow of the young lady who had already turned heads in the music industry with her group the Fugees made for an album that everyone had to listen to. Not only did Lauryn Hill bless her fans with beautiful melodies and hot lyrics on this album, she also played a part in the production of the album alongside Che Pope and Vada Nobles. With singles like Doo Woop (That Thing), Ex Factor, and Everything is Everything, this album was one that you could play from beginning to end then start it all over to listen to it again. When the album was released it debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 422,624 copies in its first week. All this while Doo Woop (That Thing) was setting at #1 in the U.S. This album was so good that the critics couldn't even find anything bad to say about it. During the 41st Grammy Awards Lauryn was blessed to be nominated 10 times winning 5 awards that day; which made Lauryn Hill the first woman to be nominated that many times and winning that many awards in one night. Since the release of the album it has been in many debates with some calling it one of the best albums ever. Just recently Rolling Stones felt that those sentiments were close to correct so they named the album the 10th greatest album out of 500; which definitely speaks volumes for Lauryn Hill and the album. 


Wow! After doing something in the music business that has never been done before, Travis Scott has now placed himself in the history books. His latest hit Franchise, featuring Young Thug and M.I.A., is currently reigning at the top of the Billboard Charts. With 19.4 million streams in  its first week , this song makes Travis the first artist ever to have 3 number 1 debuts in less then a year. Among greats such as Drake, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, and Arianna Grande, Scott is the fifth to even have 3  number 1 debuts. Scott, being a gentleman about the whole situation went on his social media and thanked all of his fans for helping him to make it all happen. 

Having a hell of a year Travis Scott is still riding high off of his deal with the fast food giant McDonalds. Recently the fast food giant got back into the celebrity sponsorship game and its new face is none other than Travis Scott. The Travis Scott meal, which is the meal that the two agreed to promote consist of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese topped with bacon and lettuce along with a medium fry (with BBQ sauce), and a Sprite. The meal is only $6 and with the new heights that Travis Scott is reaching it pretty sure to sale like crazy! This deal is probably also something for the history books being as though its been since 1992 that the fast food giant used a celebrity to market their company. Placing himself among a list of greats, Travis Scott has placed his name on the list beside the basketball great Micheal Jordan who was the last person McDonalds used to promote a campaign for their company.  This deal is one that works for the Houston based rapper because he truly is a fan of the company. McDonalds is currently investing 100 million dollars into a marketing plan which is a part of the deal with Travis Scott.  So between his amazing music, his historical spot on Billboard, and his amazing deal with McDonalds Travis Scott has definitely made his mark in the music industry and in the history books. 


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